The Great Nutrition Experiment – Updates

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I mentioned last week that I’m doing a 30 day nutrition experiment. This article post will be where I document and update my progress via the excel file I’ve embedded and pics in the slideshow below. To recap The Great Nutrition Experiment: I’ll be fasting all day other than 2…

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The Great Nutrition Experiment – Coffee, Butter and Carbs!

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“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein For those you who have been following my blog the past 4 years, it comes to no surprise that I love to shake things up. The concept of choose to change has been something…

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I Accidentally Lost 30 Pounds in 8 Weeks – The Story How

by Patrick Hitches  ||  Foundation Fitness, Nutrition  ||  3 Comments

The past 8 weeks have been out of this world. Never in my life have I seen body fat fall off a human being as quickly and effortlessly as I’ve witness with myself the past 2 months. While consciously doing less and living pretty haphazardly in regimen, 30 lbs of…

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My Intentions for Today (micro post)

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To Be. To be productive without being consumed. To be present without worry if I’m not. To be at peace, knowing pain is a reality. To be OK with today as all my yesterdays brought me this day. To simply Be…

Gyms in Cincinnati Bring the Future of Fitness

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Stuffing my face with the annual supply of thin mints, I ate myself into a 6th grade blimp body. I was addicted to carbs and I didn’t know any better. I was a chubby kid and looking back I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being a chubster at a…

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Eating Ultra Low Carb Sucks – Until Now

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Eating ultra low carb can suck. If you’ve ever made a serious attempt at fat loss, you’ve likely tried some sort of ultra low carb plan. While many of them are rooted with a decent concept, there’s one that stands out from the rest which you should pay attention to-…

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Biphasic Siesta Sleep – The Great Sleep Experiement – Update 1

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The great sleep experiment I started a few weeks back had a rough start as I attempted the beginnings right before Thanksgiving Holiday. Once beginning this experiment, I’ve realized quite a bit in regards to alternative sleep cycles and I’m becoming very aware that our “normal” sleep pattern isn’t really…

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Train With Intent

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Are you a powerlifting? Are you a weightlifter? Are you a bodybuilder? Are you a gymnast? Are you a sport specific athlete? Are you a yogi? Are you a runner? No matter what you are, live your life honing your craft. The journey may shift and change over time, but…

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The Great Sleep Experiment – Day 1

by Patrick Hitches  ||  The Great Sleep Experiment  ||  1 Comment

Sleeping is the greatest of all activities. It may very well top eating pizza and drinking ice cold beers on a hot summers day. Since I can remember, I’ve laid down to a mid days slumber nearly every day. Anywhere from 30 second naps to 3 hours. Whatever and wherever…

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The RPG That Nearly Took My Life

by Patrick Hitches  ||  Daily Writing  ||  5 Comments

Nine and a half years ago a rocket propelled grenade nearly took my life. Looking through my night vision goggles, the horizon was kissed with green on black. The Iraqi night had an aura that was almost calming… But brought an eeriness that made my eyes and ears perk as…

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